Exotic Pets

In addition to veterinary care for dogs and cats, members of our staff have decades of experience in working with small mammals and other exotic pets. As with all of our clients and patients, our focus is on the well-being of your companion.

Rabbit exotic pet check upServices for Exotic Pets

  • Wellness care – work with us to ensure proper nutrition, grooming and housing conditions. We recommend an initial evaluation followed by annual checkups.
  • Spay, neuter & general surgery – as with dogs and cats, we maintain the expertise and resources to perform surgeries. When more specialized procedures are required, we coordinate with local specialists.
  • Dental care – particularly with rodents, it is critical that your pet be provided opportunities to chew and grind down their ever-growing teeth. Regular checkups can ensure that teeth are in good health, or provide us the opportunity to perform any necessary trimming.
  • Skin care – our Bay Area climate is not ideal for many kinds of animals. Often, this mismatch will present itself on the skin, scales, or feathers. Additionally, skin conditions may indicate the presence of mites, bacteria or fungus. Keeping up with annual checkups, and recognizing issues early, will help ensure a happy, healthy pet!

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