Natural Disasters and Pets: Be Prepared

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June 24, 2011
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This year we’ve seen the power of natural disasters from tsunamis to hurricanes. We must be prepared. We have compiled a few suggestions for you to think about while you are preparing your family plan.

Organize: Arrange a plan for pet care with your neighbors in case you are caught away from home. Include instructions for feeding, watering, medications and possible shelter.

Identify: Make sure all pets have identification. For example: photos, collars, tags, tattoos and microchips. Have your name and address, not just your pet’s name, on the I.D. Pets will run because of fear and may be found by neighbors (hopefully) or by animal control.

Store: Have enough food and water for at least one week for each pet. Estimate 1 quart of water per 10 pounds of body weight per day. Take into consideration special dietary or medical requirements, and make sure you have at least a week of medications on hand. Make sure that you have extra leashes and collars in case you find a neighbor pet that has become lost.

Plan for Evacuation: Sometimes we do have advance warning. Do you know how you will get yourself and your pets out of the danger area? Have a secure portable pet carrier for each of your pets. Keep it handy.

Discuss Preparedness: Make sure everyone in the family knows the plan, and ask your veterinarian if there is anything you might have forgotten.

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